Sunday, November 7, 2010

Movida Bar de Tapas Y Vino

If you guys still remember my Time Out & KoKo post, on the same day we actually went to Movida as well since we were around there.

Chef's busying in the kitchen

The Bar

Movida Next Door is more of a bar and a good place for you to sit around, catch up with friends, have a drink and enjoy some great tapas dishes.


The Bomba is one of the dishes that was on Master Chef Australia season 2 during their challenge in Melbourne. The bomba is filled with chorizo which is pork sausage. The crunchiness of the Bomba is just great along with the sauce that melts in your mouth.


These oven baked scallops with jamon (spanish word for ham) and potato foam are just great. The scallops are juicy and fresh whereas the potato foam is absolutely silky.

Pork Belly

The juicy pork belly with crispy skin was one of the specials of the day. Even though the bill for it turned out to be quite expensive but we didn't mind at all because it is just so good!

Hot Ganache Pudding with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

I love chocolate very much. The Ganache Pudding was still melting when we cut it into half and you can see the vanilla bean ice cream melting on top of it. The thickness of the chocolate is just so perfect and I couldn't forget about it even though I actually had it quite few months ago.

Give it a try guys, for sure you'll love it!

My Ratings;

-Environment: 4/4
-Foods: 4/4
-Price: 1/4
-Service: 4/4

Movida Bar de Tapas Y Vino:
1 Hosier Lane,
Melbourne, VIC 3000

03 9663 3038

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