Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time Out, Federation Square

Time Out is a cafe in the heart of Melbourne at the corner of Federation Square. You may not know but this cafe actually serves breakfast too!

Time out is located in front of the Federation Square building and the tourist information centre.

Apple Pancakes

Nothing special about this pancake as you can actually see, but I reckon the presentation is nice even the taste is just so so. It is served with American style pancakes with some blueberry compete and ice cream.


Basket Steamed Smooth Dory

The steamer basket caught my eye as I was walking to my table so I decided to order it. It is dory fish steamed in a Chinese way served with rice.

Ocean Catch

Although this basket of seafood is expensive for a brunch meal, it's actually worth it if you are a seafood lover. The basket comes with grilled pepper infused Harvey Bay Scallops, Chilli Calamari, King Prawns, steamed Blue Swimmer Crab, natural Oyster, & beer battered wild Barramundi with chips and tartare sauce.

Apple & Rhubarb Crumble

The apple crumble is served in quite a big portion as a dessert.

My Ratings;

-Environment: 2/4
-Foods: 3/4
-Price: 3/4
-Service: 3/4

Coner Swanston & Flinders Street,
Federation Square.

039671 3866

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  1. good nachos. bad pancakes, a gd place for chatty loud ppl that can voice over the passing trains that goes under fed sq like every 5 mins. for real u can feel the vibration and all. and time out, like pls hire more ppl!!! the waiters work like crazy!!! im not lying one of them was doing a men's 500m olympic run across the freaking restaurant!! like wtf! my advice, just go for the nachos, bring earmuffs, and pray no running waiter will bump and knock u onto the floor. n why doesnt this blog allow for anonymous posting?? seriously, ull get more comments with that. just suggesting =)

  2. Hello Jon ! Thank you for suggesting the annoymous posting.I actually didn't realise that it's been set as only registered users can be posting comments.

  3. Oooh, that steamed fish looks and sounds lovely! At least the pancakes look tasty, right? :)

  4. Hello Hannah! Yea, it looks lovely and that's why we were tempted to order it but the taste is just so so only. Haha.. You are right, the pancakes do looks tasty in the picture.