Thursday, March 25, 2010

Diamond Palace Chinese Restaurant

Hello guys! It's been awhile after my post wishing Jason Goh's from and today I just realise that I hardly will post Chinese restaurant on my blog to share with you guys.

Today, I would like to bring you guys to Sunshine and enjoy an affordable simple Chinese Cuisine.

Salt and Pepper Quail.

Roast Duck.

Sweet and Sour Pork (King dou guat).

Salt and Pepper Sole/Flounder.

I seriously miss this when the time back to Malaysia because we can hardly see or even can't see it in the menu I reckon. The "crunchyness" of the side when you are eating it you'll know what I mean.

Chinese Broccoli (Kai Lan) with Prawn and Scallop.

Overall they do served nice Chinese food here but of course you shouldn't expect a very high class dishes will be serve for you. Highly recommended for normal Lunch and Dinner.

203 Hamsphire Rd,
Sunshine, Victoria 3020.
(03) 9311 8166.

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