Saturday, November 21, 2009

Woo Ga Korean BBQ

Woo Ga is a Korean BBQ restaurant. The interior of the restaurant it self are actually like you having a meal in a hut where used wood as chair and tables as well as the walls. This little Korean BBQ restaurant are located at Victoria St, North Melbourne. They allows you to cook your own meat on a charcoal grill pot and they do have meals as well if you don't wanna have BBQ stuff.

The staff will prepare the burned charcoal pot for you at the 1st after you ordered. The will help you to grill it and you may also so your self. For barbecue section in the menu, you may actually choose the combo BBQ set or oder separately. In the menu included Pork and Beef only for Barbecue.

The signature dish. No matter where you go where you are, the 1st comes into your mind will be KIMCHI whenever you tot of Korean food. Isn't it? For this kimchi and other side dishes are refillable after you finish for no limit.

Kimchi hot pot soup is also another dishes that we ordered. Taste not bad, for me i'll give 2/4.

Pancake.. There's many types of different pancakes in the world, sweet or sour.. and cold or hot pancake. Woo Ga they have this omelet pancake and inside do comes with some other seafoods such as calamari.

Where can you find Woo Ga?

Woo Ga is located at:
270 Victoria St, North Melbourne (Near to Victoria Market)

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