Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to make "Malaysian style Fish Head Noodles"

Fish head noodles is one of the popular dish that you can easily find back in Malaysia hawker store. It's a combination of deep fried or fresh fish cooked together with rice noodles.

In the past few days, my parents had the chance to cook this dish for us and I really like the combination of the soup.

Ingredients that you need;

1. Fish head of your choice (deep fry)
2. Rice Noodles
3. Tomatoes
4. Chinese preserved vegetables (Ham Choy)
5. Evaporated Milk

All you need to do is pre-boil a pot of chicken soup and cook the rice noodles before serving. Mix the fish, preserved vegetables and tomato with rice noodles into a pot and re boil the soup with evaporated milk so that it provide the unexpected taste that you wont have in other type of Malaysian noodles dish.

Preserved vegetables (ham choy) and tomatoes used is to give the salty and sour taste. This is why so many people likes about this dish and I hope you guys like it too !

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