Sunday, June 6, 2010

Monga Dessert Lounge

So have you guys try or planned to give a try at Petaling Street?

Do you all know that there is a dessert lounge at level 2 that opened together on the same day with Petaling Street? Now, let me bring you guys to this Hong Kong style dessert place.

The dessert lounge interior is a mixture of modern and traditional. Furniture and decorations are similar to what you can find in a typical coffee shop in Hong Kong like the staircase, bird cages etc.

What comes in my mind whenever I went in to a dessert shop? Red bean sweet soup is my 1st choice that I cannot miss the opportunity to try. What is Red bean sweet soup or in Chinese we called it "Hong Tau Shui" ? This "Hong Tau Shui" is actually mixed with of course Red beans and mandarin/orange peel that boiled together until the beans properly soft.

My bro had his grass jelly with watermelon. It didn't turn out to be like what we expected. We thought the dessert would have some ice flakes beneath and brown sugar water with the watermelon and grass jelly. However, the dessert was quite boring as the grass jelly itself does not have much taste to it and the few watermelon balls couldn't bring out much of the sweetness to the dessert.

My Ratings,

Environment : 3/4
Foods: 2/4
Price: 3/4
Service: 2/4

(Level1)600 Station St,Box Hill VIC 3128, Australia
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  1. I just love your blog and I think your article is so awesome!! I love antiques and what a way to go green!! I think the towels would just be so adorable also. Thanks for sharing the story about how it was made. Makes it that more special! Take care, Fran.