Monday, June 7, 2010

Badger Creek Blueberry Farm Winery & Cafe

Hello !! Did you guys enjoyed my previous post? Hope you all like it and yesterday me and my family went to a road trip at country area called "Healesville".

We really enjoyed ourself seeing green trees and farm a lot with all the fresh air.

While we are driving and looking a place for our tea, we suddenly saw the leaflet about this Blueberry Farm Cafe. This cafe been exceed all of our expectation because they served very fabulous coffees and cakes.

The blueberry muffin is just perfect. It is much more nicer compared to other muffin shops with this it is very soft and smooth and served with ice cream.

The Share plate are served with slice bread together with Terrine, Cherry Chutney, Poached Pears, Yea Cheddar, Smoked Salmon and Capers.

This white chocolate cheese cake I bet you all wont find it at other places. If you do, it wont be as nice as this one. Haha.. It's full of thick white chocolate and cheese texture and I'd recommend this to Cheesecake lovers.

Most of the foods are served with Cream or Ice cream and they do sell Jams and wines as well.

My Ratings,

Enviroment : 4/4
Foods: 4/4
Price: 4/4
Service: 4/4

Is a must to go if you guy got chance to visit Healesville, Yarra Valley.

This Blueberry Farm Winery and Cafe:
11 Garnook Grove, Badger Creek,
Healeaville VIC

(03) 5962 1601

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