Saturday, June 19, 2010

Little Malaysia

Little Malaysia is a Malaysian food restaurant located in of the lanes along Melbourne's Chinatown. I've heard about this place for quite some time now and 2 months back, I decided to drop by to give it a try.

Although this Curry Puff is not as good as the ones i used to have back in Malaysia, this is by far the best I have found in Melbourne. It is filled with curry potatoes, wrapped and fried with a thin skin of dough.

My friend Zui Kok and I had the Nasi Lemak. They serve the dish with Beef Rendang but since I don't eat beef I requested for mine to be served with Chicken Curry. The Nasi Lemak here is quite pricey in my opinion because the serving is quite small compared with the other restaurants.

My brother had the Salted Fish with Chicken fried rice and I can say I liked this more compared with my Nasi Lemak.

My Ratings;

Environment: 3/4
Foods: 2/4
Price: 1/4
Service: 3/4

You can find Little Malaysia address below and they do serve a lot others of Malaysian foods.

26 Liverpool Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000.

03 9662 1678

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