Tuesday, June 22, 2010

San Churro

Churo or sometimes as known as "Spanish Doughnut" which is fried dough pastry snacks that served with chocolate is quite popular in Melbourne.

San Churro is one of a Chocolate shop that are selling churos.

Last few days I've been to this San Churro for my very 1st time and we ordered Iced Chocolate and Churros for two. The chocolate drink is not as nice as Max Brenner and well of course Chokolait.

The churros served with chocolate dipping with your choices of dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate. Me myself preferred milk chocolate more than dark and white because I don't really like their taste.

For the churro itself because it's fried, I basically find there is some "old oily taste". But overall is fine.

My Ratings;

Environment: 3/4
Foods: 2/4
Price: 3/5
Service: 2/4

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  1. i really like the churros at San Churro because it's freshly cooked. i haven't really come across any other place in Sydney that cooks it freshly. most places seem to just reheat precooked churros if it's on their dessert menu. let me know if you find a better place for churros and i'm there. :-)