Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shoya Japanese Restaurant

If you guys still remember, I've joined and won the "Ultimate DON's Gourmet Creation Competition" that organised by DON's and Nuffnang. I've won a $200 dinner voucher and I decided to come to Shoya.

I would say Shoya Japanese Restaurant is a very expensive Japanese Restaurant but in other ways their food is very nice. They served fine dining and also barbecue. Instead of describing so much, let's have a look at all the picture I've posted below;

The interiors and Japanese Sushi chef at the Sushi Bar

Kanape - Unagi miso zuke with Kani wasabi mayo, truffles and Ikura

Gintara miso zeke

Mixed Sashimi in ice globe

Tempura tanaba kani (Crab)

Hotate Fillo (Scallop)

Chahan (Fried rice) served with Miso soup

Teriyaki Chicken steak

Wagyu Serloin Steak with Truffles Sauce


Dessert - Chocolate cake and Kurugoma Panakota

Black Sesame ice cream.

Give a try guys! Though is expensive but it's really worth it. Basically things up there come with the set that cost $100 per person but some dishes is not included such as the Teriyaki Chicken, Prawns and lastly the Black sesame Ice Cream.

Shoya Japanese Restaurant:
25 Market Lane,
Melbourne VIC 3000

(03) 9650 0840

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Thank you Don's. Is Don, Is Good !

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  1. congrats on the prize. how far did your $200 get you? the Mixed Sashimi in ice globe looks so cool. is it cheaper to have it without the ice globe? ;-) also that crab tempura looks really nice. was it as good as it looks? by the way if you know any great Malaysian restaurant in melbs were i can find the best laksa and char kway teow would love to know for my visit in april :-)

  2. Hi Simon, thanks. I think they have it without the ice globe but for this 1 is actually included in the course meal. $100 per person and some above is additional, basically depends on their menu that day if i'm not wrong.

    Wow, April coming over huh? Hmm.. Char Kway Teow can give a try at Little King Eatery @ King Street & Laksa you wan Curry? - Coconut House at Elizabeth Street.If you are talking about Asam Laksa then Madam Kays at Lonsdale Street.