Thursday, December 10, 2009

DON - Is Don , Is Good

"Ultimate DON's Gourmet Creation Competition"

Recently I found out that Nuffnang (Asia-Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community) and DON's organized a competition in which we have to use the DON products such as Ham, Bacon, Sausage and Salami with our choice and creativity to create dishes.

I thought it was interesting and at decided to give a go.

One of the DON's product that I often eat is the Ham, they have few types of ham and today I picked Shaved English Leg Ham as one of the ingredients. What comes to your mind when you see ham, bacon and etc ? I would think of my mom's breakfast that she often makes using ham served with bread and mixed with eggs and baked beans. Today, I would like to make it totally different where I used ham in Japanese nori rolls or commonly known as Sushi rolls.

Choose any one you like of this DON's ham product in Supermarket.

The Japanese rice mixed with vinegar.

Pan fried Ham.

Slices of ham that did not fry at all.

Fresh cucumbers


1. 1 Pack of "DON's" Shaved english leg ham. (of your choice and may also use bacon if you like)
2. "Obento" sushi kit. (This kit is really awesome where inside included everything and you may get it at Woolworth supermarket)
3. 1 Fresh Cucumber


Instead of buying "Obento" sushi kit, these are the utensils that can be bought seperately as well: bamboo mat, soy sauce, wasabi, Japanese rice, vinegar, and nori (seaweed).

Steps to do it:

Cooking sushi rice

1. Bring 600 ml (usually more than your palm) of water and mix it with the rice.
2. Put into rice cooker and cook it as normal.
3. When it's finish cooking, remove it from the rice cooker pot and put it in to a big bowl.
4. Mix the rice with the powdered sushi mix by "Obento" or a few tea spoon of vinegar.
5. Mix the rice well and leave it cool down.

Preparing DON's Ham and cucumber

1. Rinse the Ham with water and gently dry the ham with kitchen towels.
2. Prepare a pan and pan fry one side of the Ham.
3. Depending on your choice, you can either quickly rinse all or just some of your ham in boiling water.
4. Lastly, cut the cucumber into stick size. (You may peel out the skin or just leave it)

Preparing Nori rolls

1. Place 1 sheet of nori, (shiny side down) onto the bamboo rolling mat, wet your hands with water and take a handful of cooked and cooled sushi rice.
2. Spread the rice evenly over the surface of the nori, to within 1cm to the edge.
3. Add your preferred fillings in the middle top.
4. Begin rolling up the mat over the ingredients. Stop when you get about 2.5cm from the edge of the nori.
5. Lift the mat and roll forward again to join the edges of the nori. Keep applying a gentle pressure to make the roll firm.
6. Use a sharp knife to cut the complete rolls in half, place the halves side by side and cut into thirds-each roll will make 6 pieces.

The finish product of DON'S ham nori rolls. Choices of yours to either wrap the ham on the outer or inner layer.

Video below may help you to know more on how to roll the nori rolls.

Australian readers please take note, you may also have the chances to win a Restaurant voucher from DON. What you need to do is to go to the supermarket and buy DON's product and think of creative ways to present it. Follow this link for more information:

Good luck guys, enjoy trying !!