Saturday, March 13, 2010

Asli, Geelong

Hey guys! The past two days have been nice, sunny and cooling with gorgeous blue skies making the weather perfect for a day out. Just nice for my 3D2N trip down to Geelong to visit my brother.

I went to Geelong with a friend of mine who is Malaysian and has never been to Geelong before. So it was also a trip to introduce Geelong to us (my friend and I), the "Melbournians" and as you guys may know, Geelong is a waterfront city with beautiful views of the bay. It's a rather quiet city without the crazy traffic in Melbourne and we manage to find an interesting restaurant by the name of Asli serving Malaysian food.

The blue sky and sea at Waterfront, Geelong.

"Asli" means authentic in Malay and I find that the restaurant does live up to its name as the food they have does taste very authentic.

Roti Jala, the word "Jala" means "net" in Malay. Because it looks like a net thus they called it Roti "Jala" that made from flour and served with curry.

I find this Nasi Lemak special and it looks different than the typical Nasi Lemak even in Malaysia. What makes it special is that they serve the dish with green "pandan" rice which is a type of fragrant leaf that is also a natural green colouring when blended. Nasi Lemak is usually served with what you can see above which is anchovies, nuts , cucumbers, eggs , fried chicken and of course the most important which is "sambal" (blended chilli sauce).

Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice).

Prawn Noodles.

Tom Yum noodles.

If you have chance to visit Geelong why not go and try this authentic Malaysian cuisine that located behind Market Square in Geelong town.

102B Liltle Malop Street,
Geelong, VIC 3220.


  1. looks like a great authentic find. well done. i wish it was closer to Sydney though :-)

  2. Thanks Nick. I'm glad you like our foods. Just like to update on the address though. It's actually 102B, Little Malop Street. Geelong. Vic. 3220.
    Drop by anytime and I'll treat u with FREE Teh tarik.!!

    Thanks once again

  3. Hi Nick, thanks for setting up this 'blog page'. Maybe you could 'adjust' the address just a bit. It is actually No. 102B, Little Malop Street, Geelong Vic.3220.

    Please drop by anytime and I'll give free drinks....(Chendol/ice kacang included) (please identify yourself, so that we know) Thanks.

    Hazad Abd. Hamid
    Asli T.M.C

  4. Yes Simon, I wish they will also open one near Melbourne CBD. But more doesn't mean good so, if got chance dropping by Geelong remember to give a try.

    Hello Hazad (avaniwater),

    Thank you for correcting me on the address. Hope It helps and people will share it around. I really go WOW when I first time see your green nasi lemak and it taste really good too.

    I'll for sure drop by again once I got time and do make sure your staff know if I identify my self. (joking)

  5. Hi do u know their operating hours?

  6. Hi there, sorry for the late reply.

    Asli have new operation hour. They are now open from 11.30am - 8pm (Wednesday to Saturday), 11.30am-6pm (Sunday) & close on Monday and Tuesday.


  7. Hi, my husband and I tried Asli this past Sunday and were very disappointed. The prawn noodles lacked flavour and contrary to the photo above, had no vegetables in the broth. The roti jala was okay, but the curry it came with was stone cold and swimming in grease.
    The seating area and restrooms were also very dirty. I hope the owner reads this and takes note of these comments.
    Terima kasih,