Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pie Face

Hi everyone, it's foodiesnplaces here again to update the blog and 1st of all Happy New Year 2010.

In this year foodies and places will still continue you guys out there to search for nice foods around Melbourne and in 2 more weeks time will be starting to post nice foods up around Malaysia.

Stay tuned for all of this.

Recently, I have tried the pie face that newly opened at Swanston street Melbourne CBD. I actually don't really like to eat pie because I found that not much choices for me to choose as I'm not having beef. This pie face is founded in year 2003 at Sydney and the franchised it to Melbourne now. When you passing the shop before eating it, you can actually start to smell the nice smell of the pie skin that freshly bake everyday. The softness of the pie skin makes me to eat it continuously few days for my lunch.

The mini pie.

The normal size pie comes with few choice of beef, lamb, chicken and vegetarian for your choice.

The sweet pie.

When 1st my mum bought coffee from the pie face, I found that the name of their coffee is kinda funny where something like open my eyes and kick my arse with the face sticker on the cup as well. What a creative way.

Pie lovers or people who don't really like pies, foodiesnplaces is now telling you guys that Pie face is seriously taste good. Feel free to try it and Melburnians, this pie face shop is only located at Swanston street opposite Mc Donald.

270 Swanston St,
Melbourne Vic 3000.

289 Flinders Lane,
Melbourne Vic 3000.

Both are opened 24/7.

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