Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pho Hien

What would you think when Vietnamese foods appear on your minds? For me I'll thinks it's dirty , lot's of people, and etc. But recently, I've been to a Vietnamese restaurant that don't have those what I mentioned awhile ago. I'm so surprised that this restaurant that located at Sunshine, VIC is very clean and good service compared to other at Richmond and Footscray.

This "Suet Feh Lai" or as known as Iced coffee is the so call a "must" order when you are at no matter which Vietnamese restaurant. My parents especially my dad will be the 1st person to order this. Don't really know why actually.

Paper prawn roll is also one of the Viet entrée dishes other than spring roll. They filled with vegetables and roll with prawns.

Today I'm going to introduce rice dishes but not noodles that selling at this small shop. This Roast chicken with tomato rice and lemon grass pork chop I found that it's slightly different from others where the skin of the roast chicken is very very crispy and it's a perfect match when you have it with the tomato rice . **Thumbs up** , my favourite.

The pork chop rice comes with the broken rice and something that hardly you can find at other shops which is the one with sin and orange layers colours on it. It's basically something like steam pork and they cute it into a cube size.

Not that bad, but I don't really like that.

Pho hien is located at those shops lot after you turn left at the traffic lights opposite gold leaf Chinese restaurant.

Hope you guys like it !!!

U3/284 Hampshire Road,
Sunshine, VIC 3020.

(03) 9311 9532

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