Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pho Hung Vuong Saigon

You can actually find Vietnamese foods all over Australia. As in Melbourne, most of the Vietnamese foods you can find at Richmond, Footscray and Springvale. Although they are selling the same thing, no matter which one you go in to it still a lot of people.

What makes everyone going to have Vietnamese food although you have to squeeze with other people? Come, today let me bring you guys to one Vietnamese restaurant that I been to recently where located at Footscray.

Spring roll is one of the dishes that is compulsory to order during your visit to any Vietnamese restaurant. How do you have your springroll? Many different way to eat springroll actually and one of the way is wrapping the vegetable together with one of the spring roll and dip it into the sweet and sour sauce that provided.

To have it this way is actually helps to give the feeling of not to oily while you are having the fried prawn spring roll. For me, I rather not to wrap and straight away dip it into the sauce. Many type of spring roll that they are selling and another one is called prawn paper spring roll which filled with rice noodle and vegetables and serve with special peanut sauce.

Pork chop rice. There is different type of pork shop rice all over cuisine, and the original Vietnamese pork chop rice is actually mix together with lemon grass and grilled it and comes with some vegetables as side dish. The nicest thing and the only one you can find it in Vietnamese food are the rice. Compared to other different type of rice that we used, this is actually those cut rice. From what I heard, Vietnamese people likes to blend their rice until it becomes small.

Large Chicken noodle soup with "fer", means smooth rice hoodles (Hor fun).

Most of the people likes to order beef where its raw beef or beef combination and comes with spicy or non spicy.

Other dishes that selling in common Vietnamese store is their noodles soup. Spicy or non spicy for your choices, and you can choose either chicken, pork, beef or mix.

Chicken soup is my favourite after the pork or chicken chop rice where I personally don't like to eat beef. The sweetness of the soup while you are eating you may squeeze some lemon into it.

Pho Hung Vuong Saigon is located at:

128 Hopskin Street, Footscray
(03 96896002)

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