Monday, November 23, 2009

Old Town Kopitiam

Last week I was actually trying to walk around the city with my dad to see whether what we can have for our lunch. Passed by few shops but seems we don't want to have those and finally we saw Old town Kopitiam. Many people said that the Asam Laksa is very very nice and their Roti Bakar as well where in it have a lot of butter and kaya.

It seems that I have lost the taste of "Asam Laksa". After I had that, I feel that it so perfect where you cant find it any other place in Melbourne that taste so familiar and nice. For your guys information, this "Old Town Kopitiam" is actually started in Malaysia first and now they franchise it to Melbourne.

Asam Laksa is actually a dish that cooked with a lot of fish in the soup and served with round white glass noodle* and some vegetables. Mostly people will actually add the "Har ko" into it which is actually made from prawns head where to create the fishy taste for the Asam Laksa. Honestly, for me I really think that the "Har ko" do spoiled the taste of the Asam Laksa soup. Well, its actually depends on every individual.

The Old Town Kopitiam is located at Ground Level, 195 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 where it just next to West Lake Chinese Restaurant.

More picture will up after I try the new Old Town Kopitiam "Mamak".

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