Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Groove Train

Groove train served breakfast till late night and located at 3rd floor of Melbourne Central and it's around the corner next to Hoyt's ticket counter.

The Chicken or Lamb Souvlaki is not that bad but I reckon the pita bread they used is a little bit thick.

One of my friend ordered their Groove Burger and it allows he to choose either Beef or Chicken accompanied with eggs, lettuce, beetroot, bacon & mayonnaise and served with chips.

As usual, I will order fish and I find this fish is pretty nice and served together with varieties of vegetables. To find out more about their fish of the day, look at the menu and ask one of their staff.

My Ratings;

Environment: 2/4
Foods: 2/4
Price: 3/4
Service: 3/4

Click here for more about their menu and their locations.

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