Monday, May 10, 2010

The Cupcake Family

Hey Guys, I'm back ! Really sorry for not updating any post to share nice place and foods with you guys for the past few weeks. Hmm.. It's Mother's Day yesterday and how do you guys celebrate it with your mom?

Me today would like to show you guys what I've bought for my mom, and mean while hope you guys enjoy with my post today.

The Cupcake Family is located at QV, Melbourne CBD. During the celebration of Mother's day, they promote their Mother's day cupcakes set over Facebook group. It's really a good idea though buying a cute set of little Mother's day cupcakes as a present.

The cupcakes family located at one of the lane at QV with a very nice tea house feels and also some of their friendly staff.

Freshly baked cupcakes.

Spot the wording cookies on top of the cupcakes.

It's really a great idea to buy this kind of stuff and present it to our mom once a year. However, not only Mother's day cupcake they selling but also normal cupcakes. Details for what others cupcakes they have you may click on the previous post that I have reviewed about their cupcakes at or their official website at for more information.

Give a try and you'll no regret.

The Cupcake Family:
22 Red Cape Lane, QV Melbourne 3000.

My Ratings:
- Environment: 4/4
- Foods: 3/4
- Price: 3/4
- Service 4/4

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  1. They all look cute! don't think I can bite on any of them.. lol..