Sunday, December 20, 2009

West Lake Chinese Restaurant

It's time for foodiesnplaces again to bring you guys around to have something nice. Chinese restaurant can actually consider a lot as well around Melbourne, Victoria. Especially Yum Cha, restaurant will fully bookings for no reason.

Now, a building that located at Liltle Bourke Street Melbourne where not much peoples will know about it actually serving a lot of nice and yummy dim sum at reasonable price.

Char Siew tart and Chicken pie is one of my favourite. The chicken pie skin is very different where I personally never tried before in Malaysia. The crunchiness and sweetness on the skin mixing with the creamy chicken is very tasty.

Daily special, filled with prawn and fish paste and topped with some instant shark fins and fish eggs.

Shark fin dumplings. It's not made with shark fins but it just looks like fins and they called shark fins dumplings.

Char Siew (barbecue pork) bao

Chinese style mixed beef parts.

To those who wants to try something new, this "Bun tong gow" where they mixed seafoods in to the dumplings and steamed with soup is very nice.

Many choices of dessert for customer choices, but my personally thoughts where Tai pan's have more types of different dessert.

Made bookings if possible due to they will have a lot of people during peak season and weekend. If you don't want to regret, just make your bookings in advance by calling the number I'll show you guys below.

189 Little Bourke St,
Melbourne, 3000 VIC.

Tel: (03) 9662 2048

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