Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coconut House

Coconut House is a shop where full of different types of Malaysian food and located at Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD. Peoples going in and out queuing for places to seat for just the reason of trying the different varieties of foods in Malaysia.

Oversea student, and peoples who missed their own country Malaysia foods so much can give this a try . Although is not really perfect but where else you can find such similar foods that you wanted and miss so much.

One of the favourite drinks of mine which is the "Soya Cincau". The great perfect match with soya drinks and herbal jelly.

Nasi Lemak as known as Coconut rice you may find it everywhere around Malaysia. Peoples having it during breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper. Different type between Malays and Chinese "Nasi Lemak" comes with egges, sambal and chicken* A very nice combination between those different things in a plate.

Curry Laksa.

Lastly to share with you guys is the "Pan Mee" where it actually made by flour.

Coconut house or this unique Malaysian Mamak store do sell many different type of foods such as Hainanese Chicken rice, Roast pork and etc.

Coconut House located at:

449 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
Phone (03) 9329 6401

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