Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ball & Chain Grill

Hey guys ! FnP is back and let's get back to my journey of foods in Tasmania. After a long day in Brunny Island, we decided to come back to Salamanca Place for this Ball & Chain Grill.

From the outside you may feel that Salamanca place is quiet and there won't be much of a crowd during the night, but surprisingly there are a lot of people inside this restaurant.

Each person can get their starters from the salad bar and I find their rice pretty nice.

Foods from salad bar

Oyster Kill Patrick

This is the 1st time I had the Oyster Kill Patrick. The bacon is really juicy with the sweetness of the barbecue sauce and the acidity from the lemon juice.

Tasmanian Seafood Steak of the Day - "Fried" Flat Head

The Flat Head that I've ordered is just a simple marinated herb fried fish. I find it a bit pricey as the portion is not that big compared to other dishes.

The taste is not bad but it's kinda dry for this. Not recommended to order.

Scotch Fillet

My parents they ordered the the juicy scotch fillet with an eye of fat which enchance the flavour. According to them, this is the best in Hobart! To with this scotch fillet you have a selection of sauces to choose from which includes plum and ginger, Ball & Chain barbecue, satay and etc.

My Ratings;

-Environment: 2/4
-Foods: 2/4
-Price: 3/4
-Service: 3/4

87 Salamanca Place,
Hobart, Tasmania 7000.

03 6223 2655

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