Friday, August 20, 2010

Blok - M Express

I finally had the chance to go to back to Blok - M today at Little Bourke street to try out their Indonesian food.

There is two Blok - M in Melbourne and the one I went to today is the Blok - M "Express" and another one is located at Prahan. There are a few dishes that I really like and I sure you guys will be like them too.

Gado - Gado

Gado - Gado is basically a traditional Indonesian vegetables salad that is served together with crackers and peanut sauce.

I really like their peanut sauce as it's very smooth and not really sweet, it just perfect to eat with a spoon of cracked crackers and bean sprout which is one of the vegetables that comes together with this gado - gado.

Ayam Balado

I ordered the Ayam Balado with spicy sweet sambal sauce on a fried chicken with rice.

Nasi Gudeg

For me Nasi Gudeg looks like normal mixed rice with few dishes that served together with rice. The special about this Nasi Gudeg is one of their side dish is actually made with sweet stewed Jackfruit.

They do have the story of the person who opened Blok - M and I think this would be great as well to share along with you guys.

"Once upon a time, in Jakarta's Blok - M district, there was a guy called Pak E who spent most of his tenage and adult life roaming about this area. He had no home to go to, his only roof was the polluted sky of Jakarta or under the freeway if he was lucky enough to find a spot. He was a beggar, a drug user, a thug , a busker and a composer throughout his early adult life. His notorious behaviours landed him in jail.

In 1996, after some heavy soul searching, he decided to go to Bali starting out on foot. Not long after an extended journey, he met and Australian girl named Kathie, where they fell in love and got married. Australia may not have been proud to take him on as it's new son, but it had no choice. After immigrating to Melbourne, he opened an Indonesian Restaurant in Prahan which is called "Blok - M" to remind him of how far he had come from the struggles of his early life.

This restaurant, were you are standing now is his legacy, a bred through story of love, hard work and faith..."

My Ratings;

-Environment: 2/4
-Foods: 3.5/4
-Price: 3/4
-Service: 2/4

Blok M Express:
380 Little Bourke Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000.
(between Queen & Elizabeth Street)

03 9600 2534

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