Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kanithar Thai

Kanithar Thai is one of the Thai cuisine restaurants that located at Geelong City. I've been there once which is two months ago with my bro and friend during my trip over.

It's a small family-run establishment, nothing grand with the exterior which makes it easily missed.

Their curry is kinda funny, I actually don't find them spicy at all.

Fish Cake with the sweet and sour chilli sauce is a perfect combination.

Roti and Peanut sauce is also one of my favourite and another recommendation from me whenever you all got the chance to go over there.

My Ratings;

-Environment: 2/4
-Foods: 2/4
-Price: 2/4
-Service: 3/4

Kanithar Thai:
45 Malop Street,
Geelong, VIC 3220.

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